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Artist Action Plan: How To Create Yours Now

You’ve thought about creating a plan for your business, right? If you clicked this article title it’s usually one of two things, either you want to make an action plan for your art business and not sure how, or you know how and simply haven’t done it. If it’s the later, then you can find lots of things to blame (don’t look for blame here), but you are the one who loses. So, since you’re here, why not read the article, use what you can and get going! The world needs your special touch.

Painting for Colorblind People – Like Me

Colorblindness prevent many from painting, even though they would like to. I’ve known several such people personally and I find it sad. That’s why I wrote this article, hoping to give some encouragement.

How to Find Original Arts and Paintings of Famous Artists

Original art can be a tangible worth investing in much like gold and silver. In uncertain economic times, investors turn to other options worth investing in. Some like it as an investment that they can enjoy and not something that sits on a piece of paper with numbers.

Hunters in the Snow

Hunters in the Snow is one of the most impressive and inspired oil paintings of all time and was created by Dutch painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder who was well known for producing art which combined portraits and landscapes together in a way which was highly unique, particularly at that time. It is fair to say that Hunters in the Snow is actually his most respected painting of all and it even dwarfs over anything that other members of his family could produce, despite them having exceptional careers themselves.

Framing a Canvas Print

A canvas print does not always require a frame. A lot of times artists and canvas print companies simply do a wrap. A wrap is when the sides of the canvas are folded and wrapped around the stretcher bards and then attached to the back of the wooden frame using tacks or staples.

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