How To Draw A Koopa Shell From Mario

How to Paint a Beach Scene

Painting a beach scene is not hard, but where do you begin? Follow these step by step directions and you will have a fantastic painting of your favorite beach in no time!

The Painter Who Painted Las Meninas – Diego Velazquez

The art of Diego Velasquez displays not only his amazing sense of proportion and expertise in the use of pigment through carefully calculated strokes, but also the potentiality of the expressions in his portraits, a classic example of which is the “Portrait of Pope Innocent X” (1650). His influence has been profound on impressionist painters such as Edouard Manet and 20th century artists including Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon and Salvador Dali.

The Acrylic Artist’s Paint

The 20th Century has been the time of Technical Advancements. Acrylic is one of the products that was developed through technical means. The industry created Acrylic, which in turn branched out into many products. Some are of hard consistency and others like the Acrylic Artists Paint is of a soft consistency.

Learn Watercolor Painting at Home – 3 Tips From Watercolour Secrets

If you have not “met” Bob Davies, author of Watercolour Secrets, you really should. He is an extremely gifted teacher. This is especially true if you like things explained in easy, practical terms. If you just want to learn how to paint with watercolor and not where the name cadmium blue originated (you know what I mean), then read to find out where and how this can happen.

Selecting the Right Watercolor Paper

If you are looking to take up watercolor, you may need some help selecting the correct paper for your first painting. The type of watercolor paper is typically selected based upon its texture and thickness. Watercolor paper is chosen based on the final look you are trying to attain. The standard watercolor paper surface options are hot press, cold press, and rough.

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