How To Draw BRAWL STARS | BIBILANTE Step By Step Tutorial

Dozay the Painter Captures Mi’kmaq Legends & Landmarks

Dozay (Arlene Christmas) is an aboriginal artist living on Cape Breton Island, where she researched legends about the native Mi’kmaq hero, Glooscap. Gradually she came to visit particular spots where these stories took place and created air brush, acryllic paintings celebrating both the legends and these landmarks. Her work is so good that it is being showed at local native cultural galleries, at Cabot Shores Resort; and will travel to Melbourne, Australia in late 2009 and, in 2010 be representative of aboriginal maritime art at the Olympics at Vancouver, British Columbia. What did she find in her research? Dozay found…

Oil Painter – Few Amazing Tips to Become Good Oil Painter

Oil paint contains a unique process and an artist has to understand it properly, if he wants to create a better painting. The purpose of this article is to make sure that you learn the basic process of oil painting and create beautiful painting. The basic law of oil painting is to find out the technique that suits your style and personality. It’s important that you learn the language and laws of oil painting as under, if you are new to this painting style.

Andre Derain – The Painter & Sculptor Vanguard of Fauvism

French Fauvist painter and sculptor Andre Derain was born on June 10, 1880, in Chatou, Ile-de-France, near Paris. His father was an area councilor and a chef specializing in pastry making, who managed to afford a regular education for his son. Derain, nevertheless, attended school disdainfully, and was a non-performer. In 1898, the artist left for Paris to join an engineering course at Academie Carriere.

How to Paint Tree Branches, Limbs and Leaves

Trees that lose their leaves each year are called deciduous. They offer amazing opportunities for the landscape artist. Learning how to paint tree branches, limbs and leaves of deciduous trees is fun but may be a bit challenging if you don’t practice a few simple artistic suggestions.

Portrait Painting With Acrylics Or Watercolor

Painting people with acrylic or watercolor paint is easy, but does take patience and practice. I generally use several thinned down layers of color to obtain the correct shadows and colors. In essence I guess my technique could be classified as watercolor portraits.

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