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Online Oil Painting Articles

There are many articles out there so finding one that is related to what you are searching is easy. However, you have to make sure to look for a reliable article to gather the right info about painting.

Understanding Abstract Painting – Part VII

The principles and elements of art are important from the artist’s and viewer’s point of view. They allow the artist to create art; they allow the viewer to describe, analyze, and communicate about the work. Two of the principles are harmony and Unity. These principles will be discussed in this article.

Review On A Sketch of Wathone

I recently watched the Documentary about one of Myanmar’s artist, “A Sketch Of Wathone”. ‘A Sketch of Wathone’, a film directed by Burmese director Kyi Phyu Shin which profiled Wathone’s life, won a National Geographic award for best feature-length film. From the seclusion of his charmingly idiosyncratic home, Wathone – one of Myanmar’s best-known painters – shares his thoughts about his life, art, and family.

European Tapestries As Housewarming Gifts

A lot of people will want to give things like European tapestries as housewarming gifts. They know that they will be unique and one of a kind for the recipient. This is something that you should definitely make sure that you put some thought into. It can be very disappointing for you as well as the recipient for you to get any type of wall art that doesn’t fit into what they want or what they can use.

How To Spruce Up Your Decor With Canvas Art

You will find that whenever you want to spruce up your decor that canvas art is a great way to do it. There is plenty of wall art that you can choose from so just the concept of it can sometimes be overwhelming. However, you will find that it can be best if you are able to understand how to make sure that the art that you do get is able to do its task of looking great on your walls while also making you happy whenever you look at it.

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