5 Art Hacks You Wish You Had Known Sooner

Building a Painting With Value Structure

The challenge for any artist when beginning a painting is determining the solid structure of the shapes in his composition. It is the arrangement of the shapes and not necessarily the subject itself that gives the painting interest. And when the shapes are given values, it is the pattern of the values that hold the shapes together allowing the viewer to navigate his way through the painting.

How to Preserve Paintings – Top 3 Tips

Paintings are a very important piece of art and there are really very less things in this world which can add beauty to a room as fast as paintings can. Today, I see so many art lovers spending thousands of dollars for their favorite piece of art, but end up loosing it due to small but preventable mistakes. This is the reason I have written this article.

Simple Sketching Exercise To Free The Artist Within You

One of the biggest problem that’s holding a lot of artists back is the tendency to over think a drawing project. I’m sure you’ve been there before.

Watercolor Painting Techniques – For the Beginners

To increase the durability of colors, you can make use of additives like glycerin or honey. To improve the texture of colors, solvents can also be added. If you are looking for latest water-color paints accessible in the market, opt for the fugitive and non-fugitive paint colors.

What Is Pop Art? The History

Contemporary Pop Art has become extremely popular, with artists such as Romero Britto, Carlos A. Navarro and Tim Rogerson leading the movement. Few realize that this art form began over five decades ago, and has necessarily evolved with a changing world.

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