The most difficult drawing I have ever done.

Painting – Using Different Types of Paint Brushes

Oil painting is one of the most creative artistic forms that you can use to reproduce your thoughts on the canvas. But, in order to skillfully play around with the paints and your imaginations, you need the perfect oil painting brush. They are different types of paint brushes available in the market. You need to choose your brushes properly because this will decide how effective your painting will be.

Mondrian’s Boogie Woogie Painting History – Discover Broadway Boogie Woogie

Mondrian’s Boogie Woogie is the last painting that contemporary, abstract artist Mondrian produced. From his earlier works, where he focused on large rectangular planes divided abstract lines he now produced a kind of zoomed out style, with smaller, more frequent rectangles, again using his typical “Golden Rectangle” proportions. The phrase Broadway Boogie Woogie refers to his desire to make this painting a kind of city overhead depiction, with small rectangles to indicate key areas of excitement and entertainment.

Mona Lisa Da Vinci – History of the Mona Lisa Painting

The Mona Lisa remains probably the most well known painting ever to have been created, and sits proudly amongst the great achievements of Leonardo Da Vinci, which stretched beyond just art. This article brings together useful information on the Mona Lisa and offers an insight into the painting in a concise manner which can be browsed through efficiently.

Watercolor Instruction – Observation

How do we capture the intangible: a fleeting expression, a character that is revealed in the sparkle of an eye or an emotion that can fill a room with atmosphere? These are not things that you can touch so how can an artist paint such things? How can we achieve a richness and depth of emotion and feeling in our paintings?

Painting – Understanding the Basics of Oil Paintings and Acrylics

Painting is indeed one of the most passionate professions. While taking it up as a full time profession, most of the artists face a crucial question about which type of paint they must use for painting.

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