Important Drawing TIPS for Beginners – What Pencils You Should Use?

Hi everyone, in this video I will share some tips for drawing, shading and blending. I will tell you everything you need to know about pencil grades before you start drawing. You will also see the process of drawing hair in this sketch – portrait of beautiful Emily Ratajkowski. I hope you guys like it. If you like the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe!:)

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TOOLS / DRAWING MATERIALS I use for my realistic drawings:
– Sketchbook
– Graphite pencils
– Pencil eraser
– Blending stump
– Soft paintbrush
– Soft cosmetic pads

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Art and Culture in South America – And the World

It tells a story; it represents a culture; and it moves people. These characterize art as a universal form of expression. Tracing its origins in the earliest times, arts capture the collective experiences of a group of people who lived a distinct way of life. Because of this relationship, art and culture are closely knit not only in the study of the humanities but also in the appreciation of the creative feats of humankind. Get acquainted with art and culture across the globe below.

How to Keep Safe While Painting

Basic precautions for artists can reduce health risks from paints and solvents. Is there a link to artists getting diseases like Parkinson’s? It may be best to change a few bad habits.

Keep Up With Latest Art News and TV News Via Internet

The entertainment and communications industry is a buzz for the latest art news and TV news. There is so much to report and follow within this huge multimedia enterprise. Keeping up with these news can be challenging especially if you rely on conventional methods to access such news.

Teaching Kid’s Painting Classes

From the time children are old enough to hold a writing instrument in their hands they are trying to create pictures. You do not have to be a college educated art instructor to volunteer to teach kid’s painting classes at the local library, or the community center in your town. You will not need many supplies and the reward you will receive will be absolutely priceless.

Renoir – The Impressionist Who Loved Life

French painter Pierre Auguste Renoir was one of the pathfinders of Impressionism – a technique that uses brisk brushstrokes in pure color to capture the momentary effect of light on the subject. Renoir enjoyed life, painted only when he was happy and had a loyal band of friends. Unfazed by artistic struggles and a crippling accident, he went on to create masterpieces like Luncheon of the Boating Party, The Umbrellas, The Swing and The Theater Box. Renoir passed away in 1919. His paintings now sell for millions of dollars and are exhibited in some of the most prestigious art museums of the world.

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