How To Draw Armored Iron Spider | Easy Drawing Tutorial

The Majesty Of Bronze Sculpture

The feelings of grandeur and majesty that a bronze sculpture or bronze monument can bring to any home, area, garden, or arena simply cannot be compared with any other artistic expression. They make such an impact as to draw every eye in the vicinity, to wonder and gaze up at it in awe and introspection.

Artist Prints – Fantastic Investments and Valuable Gifts

Would you believe that even the art world is ruled by fashion? Limited edition artist prints are back in fashion! After a lull of over 20 years museums and galleries are bringing them out of storage and their prices are beginning to rise in auction houses all over the world.

Importance of Graphics

Graphics will get your customer’s attention and help them answer any questions they may have. These visual expressions are a must when it comes to publishing, political campaigns, business presentations, company logos or simply to get the meaning out to the general public.

Is Real Butterfly Art Underused in Hospital Decor?

Interior designing for hospitals is big business. Unfortunately, it is often underdeveloped and under appreciated. It doesn’t need to be that way. Even if you have a small budget, real butterfly art can add not only a beautiful and peaceful environment, it can provide a deeply symbolic message of hope and healing for your patients.

Pen and Ink Drawings of Houses and Other Buildings

A case in favour of pen and ink drawings of houses and other buildings: – from an artist’s perspective. Why would people want to have pen and ink drawings of their house or place of residence? Well, there are numerous reasons for this. One can imagine that these sorts of illustrations probably originated, historically, with the advent of architecture; before a building was constructed, the future occupants would have needed some sort of idea as to how their future residence should look (as well as giving the artisans an indication of what goal they were working towards!).

Why You Should Sell Art Online

Selling art through traditional channels is something that is becoming increasingly difficult to do; more and more buyers are choosing to buy art online, and artists and dealers are having to adapt to this shift in the art market. Why should you sell art online?

Different Arts for Different People

Have you ever wondered as to why one art form finds popularity with a certain segment of people, but may be totally unpopular for another set? Have you thought why the same art form, has both followers and critics in abundance? Take for instance the case of pop-art itself. While this contemporary art form has a huge following and is fast being accepted by many, one does not cease to wonder at why the large criticism also exists. There are in fact many people, who will say that pop art is not art at all, and merely a low class replica.

British Art

The art of the UK refers to all kinds of visual art in or associated with the UK since its creation in 1707. Britain became part of western art tradition and history, during the 18th century and once again started to take the most prominent place in European art and exhibitions during the middle ages, being especially powerful in landscape art and portraiture. Rising UK prosperity led to a highly increased production of both decorative arts and fine arts.

Tips for First-Time Clients Looking at Engaging a Graphic Designer

Before briefing a designer have a think about what you want to achieve. What is your overall goal? Is it to increase awareness for your brand?

Collecting Masterworks Is Not an Infallible Art – The Business of Art Must Be Infallible

Collecting masterworks is anything but an infallible art. But the business of art must be infallible. Where you buy the piece of art is just as important as what you buy. A reputable source that will stand behind what they sell is an imperative.

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