How To Draw Yoshi From Mario

Among a Community of Creatives

… embrace the celebration of artists, and the celebration of their work expressed through their unique mediums. Strip each artist of their specialization, and only artists remain.

Poster Design – Do’s and Dont’s

This article describes proven methods of effectively designing a poster. It also offers advice on poster printing techniques.

Clip Art Including Royalty Free Backgrounds, Borders And Graphics – A Recent History

Clip Art including its various methods of creation and its history as a medium in the Visual and Graphic Arts over the past 50 years, as well as its impact on Artists and Illustrators. Definitions of industry terms such as “royalty free” are also outlined. Brief summaries and descriptions of common Digital File Formats such as .gif, .jpg and .eps Vector are also included for Graphic Artists and Graphic Designers.

Discover Your Own Country: Singapore’s Religious Festivals

Get to know your country in order to learn to love and cherish it! Luckily, Singapore has a great many things to offer:

8 Ways To Put Display Banners To Good Use

How many times has an attractive display banner made you pause and step into a store to take a closer look at whatever was on offer? Few things can come close to well designed display banners in effectiveness when it comes to grabbing attention from people passing by. They have a variety of applications ranging from giving information or direction to increasing sales. Here are eight ways in which display banners can be put to very good use.

Digital Video Production Allows Companies to Make the Association Video

When companies specialize in corporate video production, they can have the opportunity to make many different kinds of videos. This can be fun and exciting as well as very rewarding for the artist. Digital video production is a growing industry because everyone wants their videos to be seen in many different formats.

Using Paths, Shapes and Clipping Mask by the Pen Tool – Advanced

Photoshop provides several tools that help add stylistic elements, such as shapes, to your work. You can add either a shape or a rasterized shape to an image. A shape is simply a vector object that keeps its crisp appearance when it is resized, edited, moved, reshaped, or copied. A rasterized shape is converted into a bitmapped object that cannot be moved or copied; the advantage is that it can occupy a small file size, if compressed. The disadvantage is that a bitmapped object is resolution dependent. You can add either kind of shape as a predesigned shape, such as an ellipse, circle, or rectangle, or you can create a unique shape using a pen tool.

3 Mural Painting Ideas That Will Amaze You

Mural painting is a fantastic form of art – expressing oneself can be done just about anywhere. Truly awe-inspiring murals are hand-crafted all the time and the options are limitless but sometimes people are hard-pressed for ideas so check out these 3 mural painting ideas that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Print and Sustainability

With today’s technology it seems everything is moving towards the mobile platform. With newspapers and magazines going to online and mobile versions it seems printing is taking a hit more and more. The common thought or rumor is that print is dead and it’s not economical anyway. But there is sustainability with printing.

What Is Vector Art?

Vector art is a versatile type of graphic which can be used in lots of applications. Learn what vector art is and how it can improve your design.

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