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Far Eastern Painting – Shan Shui – The ‘Mountain-Water’ Chinese Painting Style

Shan Shui is a Chinese painting style that uses brush and ink to create natural landscapes or scenery. The literal translation of the word is ‘mountain-water.’ This form of painting first became popular in China in the fifth century, during the reign of the Song Dynasty (420-79).

How to Watercolor Paint

Are you looking for help about learning to watercolor? Read this article for some great tips to get you going.

Watercolor Workshop Or Watercolor DVD – Which is Best?

The age-old question – which is best and why? It is a little like “the chicken or the egg scenario”. It isn’t a black and white answer. It depends on the individual. Let’s discuss the benefits of each.

Painting Brush – How to Hold a Painting Brush

Usually when any person picks up an artist brush in his hand, chances are that they will pick it up like the same way we would hold a pencil or a pen. If at all you have held the brush in any different way, you shall be completely limiting yourself to the range of the marks which you can create with the help of a brush. Catching a brush like a pen is one of the most common ways to hold your brush, as it will give us some known sense of control. Making use of your wrist for moving a brush which will give you a better control as well as help you in doing the precise marks.

Learn to Paint – How to Stretch Watercolor Paper

There are all sorts of techniques that you need to learn about watercolor painting. Here is a crucial one that might be over looked elsewhere.

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