Zen Art Supplies fine art miniature brushes for lineart

Prismacolor Marker Set – Why Get Them?

This in style brand among the arts has revolutionized coloring in lots of forms of art. Prismacolor markers are a very popular brand amongst anime fans, style designers and character designers and the list retains going on. Prismacolor line has watercolor, markers, pastels, sharpeners with a variety of a hundred thirty colors.

How to Get Your Message Back To the Business

Listen intently and create a communication that everyone can use back to the business that summarise what you did and how you did it. Outline the key messages you want delivered and share the way to communicate it with the participants of the workshop. Creating a pack of communications that everybody knows what they are and how to use them.

Art in Britain Today

England has a long history of fine art and artists. There are currently two famous international exhibitions being shown in The British Museum, London. Over the years, the Victorians had a fascination with Egyptian Art and History.

Canvas Printing

A canvas print is the result of an image onto the canvas. It maybe stretched or gallery wrapped onto a frame and displayed. The canvas print is also known as canvas art or stretched canvas.

Subcultures of Graffiti

This is article about two directions in graffiti. What are you more interested in – fast bombing or an advanced street art?

How to Sell Art Online Properly – Pitfalls and Things to Consider

It is possible to sell art online successfully if you follow certain tips from experienced artists who have made the web work for them. First, you should ensure you have top quality images (in a lossless format such as JPG) of your art to upload onto a website. It is important to remember that customers buy art over the internet as if they were visiting an art gallery and they only have your images to see if it is what they want. If your photographs are grainy you could lose your sale.

Toulouse Lautrec Prints

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec is a famous French artist loosely placed in the art movements of Art Nouveau and Post-impressionism. This article brings the best Toulouse-Lautrec prints to your attention and examines his career and life in detail.

Art Literally Brought Me Back To A Full Life

Art played an enormous role in the life of Sylvia during her recovery from breast cancer. Encouraged by the Breast Cancer group in her area, she began painting with water colours. Her tutor saw her emerge from a nervous, worried lady to one of serenity and hope. It appeared as though healing and happiness grew with each brush stroke. Her career had been an academic one and she found little time for the arts. With each new painting, so her skill developed from rank amateur to exhibition status. No one was more amazed than she, when her work sold and indeed, was sort after by art enthusiasts.

Cunning Use of Art Supplies Makes Banksy World Famous

Banksy is one of the world’s most famous artists thanks to his controversial use of art supplies. The elusive Bristolian has risen from being a teenage member of the DryBreadZ Crew graffiti gang to an internationally recognised artist whose satirical take on life is respected social commentary. Banksy’s rapid rise began when he started to paint stencil drawings featuring striking and subversive images, which occasionally included anti-establishment and anarchic slogans.

10 Benefits of Graphic Recording

Graphic recording is a tool for turning the intangible into the tangible it is a process and a product. The process part is due to the graphic recorder transforming the spoken word into the visual. A graphic recorder listens intently to the conversation pen in hand and illustrates what they hear using pictures, words and color.

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