Young Brad Pitt Drawing in Charcoal

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I enjoyed drawing with charcoal from the last portrait so much that I decided to use this medium again. I used 2 different types of charcoal this time. One of which was extremely soft. I think I will try to draw in full color soon! Drew this after seeing the World War Z trailer. This is a younger Brad Pitt though 😛

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John Singer Sargent and Edward Shenton: Two Artists in The Great War

John Singer Sargent and Edward Shenton were two artists who painted and drew during the First World War. One was just beginning his career and the other was near the end. Both expressed both the horror and beauty of the conflict.

Can This Be the Love Story That Makes You a Better Artist?

Like the lover who stays loyal, long after passion is spent, colour clasps the painter in an endless embrace of eternal fascination… Colour surrounds us in the modern world to an extent unthinkable in centuries past. An artificial dye resulted from experiments by English and German chemists in 1886. Colour-fast in water, the new dyes transformed dull scenes of village life and the clothes of ordinary folk. Cheap production and superior resistance to fading revolutionised paint-making.

7 Truthful Tips to Help You Decide on Your Own Painting Style

Today’s Art news is clogged with debate on digital painting. People question whether painters using digital devices are making ‘real’ Art.

The Art of Shading

Conquering the right landscape, colors, and schemes is one of the hardest tasks artists face, and one of the most useful — yet overlooked — tools in an artist’s toolbox is shading. Read more for quick tips on practicing shading to boost your artwork’s depth, mood and spectacle.

4 Tips on How to Choose the Right Dog Artists to Paint Your Dog Portrait

Choosing the right dog artists to paint your pet portrait can be daunting. You want your dog portrait to be perfect, expertly painted that shows off your dog in the best light possible. So how do you go about finding the right dog artists? Here are four good tips to start you off.

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