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Western Painting Style – Futurism – History and Examples of Futurist Painters & Their Artworks

Futurism – History Europe is the actual inception point of Western Art. Several parts of the world such as Americas adopted the rich European culture, including their Western Art Style. Futurism was an iconic Western Art Movement that embarked its quintessence in Italy, during the early 20th century. Futurism was completely an Italian Art Movement, although identical movements were witnessed in Russia, England, and myriad other places.

Watercolor Technique – A Time Worn Provencal Window

I happened across a wonderful window as I wandered the cobbled streets of one of my favorite ancient Provencal villages: Saint Paul de Vence. The decaying shutters and time-worn paint on the windows spoke to me of the rustic character so very evident in this evocative part of the world. The amusing thing was that there, in front of the window, was a rubbish sack – which I hastily moved along the path!

Watercolor Lesson – Painting From Your Soul

My style of painting is all about feeling – emotion. It’s about capturing that magical moment in time when the truth and sheer beauty of nature makes you catch your breath. You know the one – I think as artists, we have all experienced it.

Watercolor Lessons – What Inspires You?

What is it about a painting that inspires you to take up your brush, or urges you to seek out watercolor lessons? Do you feel a rush of excitement when you open the latest issue of your favorite artist’ magazine? Does a shaft of light falling across a still-life fire your imagination?

Western Painting Style – Hyperrealism – Photorealism, the Edged Way

Hyperrealism is a full-fledged school of Western Painting that involves the creation of paintings and sculptures, resembling high-resolution photographs. It is an independent art style and a movement that progressed in Europe and the United States, since the beginning of the new millennium.

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