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How to Draw Like Leonardo Da Vinci – Bones and Muscles of Thigh

The years 1510 and 1511, in the career of the Italian genius Leonardo da Vinci, were dedicated to the detailed drawings of human anatomy. In association with Dr. Marcantonio Della Torre, he covered body appendages and vital organs in equal measures.

Hockney Prints

David Hockney prints are an excellent choice for those looking to improve the look of their home or office wall, and cover a great number of styles due to the great length of the artist’s career. This article discusses the best Hockney prints that one can buy and examines his career in detail too.

Keeping Your Art Safe

No matter what kind of artist you are, whether you are just an amateur who does it for fun or a professional, you should get an art binder to show off your work. Most artists want to be able to show others what they’ve done, even if it is just having a portfolio of works sitting on their coffee table. By getting something that suits your work, you will be able to show off your creativity wherever you please.

How to Draw the Skeleton of A Mammoth

The now extinct mammoth is a large terrestrial mammal. Although they belong to the elephant family, mammoths existed in the Glacier Period and the reason for their extinction is still unknown. Fifteen teeth tall and nine feet long, these herbivores were covered with thick, long, and dense fur, and possessed large tusks & significantly big curved trunks. Mammoth trunks measured between three and a half meters to eleven meters and they used it for finding food under the snow and protection.

How to Draw a Hippopotamus

Belonging to the Hippopotamide Family, Hippopotamus is a large and bulky mammal that originally lives in marshy lakes and rivers of Africa. The word Hippopotamus is derived from the Greek word ‘Hippopotamus amphibius,’ meaning river horse. Hippos are the third largest land animal and the fourth largest mammal on the planet. Despite a heavy hairless body, weighing between one & a half to three tons, and stumpy legs, it still manages to run at 30 kilometers per hour.

Learn How to Face Paint a Funny Clown

Face painting is an activity that is liked by children as well as adults of all ages. Different designs are painted on the faces according to the theme of the party or the person’s choice. Boys and girls have different preferences for face painting designs.

Classical Realism

Classical realism is a very contemporary art movement. It was initiated in the last decades of the past century and it achieved its pinnacle during the millennium.

The Beauty of Seasonal Art Explained

All artists, landscape artists or not, depict the changing of the seasons in their works. The way the light enters a room, even rooms with electric lights in them, changes the way a subject appears, and that’s dependent on what season it happens to be when the painting is created. The seasons affect the way artists feel at any given moment in time, which will affect not only their subject, but the way in which they depict it.

The Kiss Print

The Kiss is an exceptional oil painting which many art fans choose to buy as an art giclee print or stretched canvas for their own home. This article uncovers the painting itself and discusses why so many love to buy prints of it, right across the world.

John Haley Paintings

John Haley (also known as John Charles Haley) was born in 1905 in Minneapolis. He had the flair for drawing right from his childhood and he had already begun to publish his drawings in the school journals and magazines.

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