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Graphic Design Certificate

Everyone wants to have a successful career, and to be able to do what he likes. Few people manage to do that, that is to make money from something they enjoy doing. One of the most very popular occupations these days is the graphic designer.

How to Draw Cartoons

When drawing cartoons, it is important to keep in mind the benefits of using humor in your work. It might seem obvious but many artists learn the craft of drawing without ever studying the theoretical aspects of humor. Of course if you are endowed with a natural sense of humor, by all means use that first.

Let Us Meet a Good Graphic Designer

Who is a good graphic designer? A good graphic designer has many talents bundled into one. They are intelligent professionals who can comfortably create designs and are able to combine images with words easily.

Pricing Artwork Commissions

Sometimes, when we look at an objective, we suffer from tunnel vision, and we need to look at our aims from differing perspectives. You may need to take a fresh look at your pricing strategy.

How Artist Oil Paint Can Help You Start a Hobby

It’s a known fact that geniuses and experts have their tools of their trades. The basketball player has the basketball while the singer has the microphone. The inventor has, well pretty much everything he can get his hands on.

Pet Portraits For Pets That Makes a Difference to Our Lives

Pet portraits is a great way to value friendship and love to our pets. Pet portraits are personalized painting of your favorite pet.

Lose Stress

Although every one of us draws lines – while talking, meeting, sometimes when you find a paper next to you – it doesn’t matter, it just happens unconsciously. Stress can be relieved by drawing – lines, shapeless forms and even squares or rounds – they all help in losing stress.

Ancient Egyptian Sculptures – Graceful Beauty For Your Homes Today

From a study of the Ancient Egyptian sculptures, it is apparent that the artisans followed a strict convention of designing. They were not allowed to make their own designs or take instructions that did not match the conventions to be followed.

How to Draw the Skeleton of Velociraptors

Discovered and established by paleontologist H. F. Osborn in 1924, a Velociraptor was a swift, slim, and bipedal theropod dinosaur, which existed in the Upper Cretaceous period. Velociraptor, also known as ‘raptor’ means ‘fast seizer’ or ‘fast thief.’ Its long up-curved skull, strong jaw with large serrated teeth, big sickle-shaped talons on each hind foot, long slender legs, and stiff tail qualified it to be an excellent predator. An average Velociraptor was about 6.8 ft long, 1.6 ft high at the hip, and weighed up to 15 kilograms.

Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera is an outstanding artist from Mexico who is certainly deserving of his own article, with plenty of information on his life included here. There will be some mention of his wife, Frida Kahlo, but this article will really centre on him and his career. Other information is around on his specific paintings but you will find here mostly content on his life in general.

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