Top 10 Art For Kids Hub Lessons From 2020

Equestrian Artists: George Stubbs – A Short Biography

Do you love to draw horses or look at horse paintings? Find out more about the most famous equestrian artist in history, George Stubbs, who was the first painter to depict horses with realistic precision in the eighteenth century.

Driving With Your Artistic License

Creating art is a journey and traveling it can be a very rewarding. Using your Artistic License will put you in touch with a wonderful variety of techniques so take the time to make the most of the experience.

How to Refinish Old Furniture to Save Money!

Here I will explain how and why you should refinish your own furniture to turn it into something new and creative. You could also sell your creations for a profit, and be saving the environment at the same time! Also, at the end I will share a tutorial on how I refinished an old clock.

Investing in Art

A lot has been said about investing in Art, that it is a solid investment which will generate a profit one day, that it can enhance your social status, etc. Assuming art is a good investment, in order for it to come to fruition you will have to be aware of several considerations when you make an artistic acquisition.. One of them is the quality of the artwork, i.e. the materials used by the artist.

Chinese Art and the Artist General Horse

Although my recall of it is very clear, many years later all my inquiries to the various and respective media have come up empty. There seems to be no record of it ever happening; it is as if General Horse had been only a ghost. But, I definitely remember watching the hour-long episode, part of a public television arts series. It was about a eighty-something old man, alone in a tiny San Francisco Chinatown apartment. He had been a cavalry general in Chiang-Kai-shek’s Nationalist Army and, after their final defeat in 1949, he had retreated with the others, first to Taiwan. And then he possibly moved to Northern California? A very common story for an army man, were it not for his horses.

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