These Crystal Colors defy all logic… or do they?

What Oil Paints Should Be Used In Painting?

This article presents an outline for beginners in painting. It considers the different kinds of paints that can be used in oil painting and indicates some advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing A Subject To Paint

Suggestions for beginners in painting on how to choose their subject matter. Discussion centres on what to include and what to exclude and how to develop in painting.

What Is Essential Before Starting To Paint Pictures?

This article seeks to present a helpful discussion of the requirements and the equipment needed for beginning to paint pictures. While oil paintings are mainly in mind, the principles will apply to any medium.

The Origins of Fabric Painting

You look at the wonderful tapestries and marvel at the designs. The painted fabrics take your breath away and leave you wondering, how on earth did they do that? Craftsmen throughout the ages have passed on their astounding skills teaching people for centuries how to paint fabric.

Joan Miro

Joan Miro is amongst the most important abstract artists of the 20th century and this article uncovers the man behind in the art. Joan Miro was a Spanish painter from Barcelona who took offence to traditional ‘bourgeois” painting methods which he felt did not help common people. As a result of this passion Miro, went onto devote himself to contemporary styles that he carried across his paintings, ceramics and sculpture.

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