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LDS Pioneer Art Painters – Love of Their Ancestors

This artwork can be seen all over the church; it helps members reconcile their past and look forward with faith to the future just as Wee Granny Murdoch looked forward to her family settling in the western part of this nation. Pioneer art is an expression of love for their ancestors. Remembering these heroes is a great way to gain spiritual strength even in these modern times.

Learning Acrylic Canvas Painting

Acrylic canvas painting is a very interesting and satisfying art. As a hobby it can be fulfilling, remunerative and a skill to show off. For a talented painter it is an expression of emotion and a realization of self.

Portrait Painting Techniques for Beginners

When learning portrait painting techniques, one must study and practice if they want to be happy with their end results. Although all artists are different, many techniques that they all use are the same. Below are a few techniques you will need to master as an oil, acrylic or watercolor portrait artist.

Watercolor Paintings As Compared to Oil Paintings

Watercolor paintings are far different from oil paintings. They each have there own element that offer very different effects.

Five Methods of Acrylic Painting Techniques For Painting Landscapes

Painting landscapes is very relaxing and rewarding for artists. Artists can capture nature’s beauty and reproduce it on canvas with a variety of painting tools and painting techniques.

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