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3D Terrain Modeling

Besides the chopping, adding, bending, twisting, and deforming of polygon shapes, there are also some other important ways to create very interesting shapes. Many of these have to do with modeling landscapes. Think of trying to model every mountain, hill, groundhog mound, and anthill in an extensive landscape.

Conceptual Art Explained

What defines something as being artistic? Can something be discarded and noted as non-artistic? It is best described by a quote from Joseph Kossuth in an essay from 1969 entitled “Art after Philosophy”, which stated “All art (after Duchamp) is conceptual (in nature) because art only exists conceptually.”

How to Become a Caricature Artist

Caricatures are easy to draw once a few basic keys are understood. Whether it is a recurring aspiration or a new one, the motivation and skills needed to set the ball rolling might just be a read away.

Appreciating Caricature Arts

The caricature art and the classical art have something in common. The both appreciate the hidden truth beneath the surface of any outward appearance and try to assist nature in accomplishing its plan. One strives to present the perfect form, the other attempts to describe the perfect deformity in any seeming perfection.

Know About Caricature Artists

Caricature Artists have evolved over time, what used to be mere hobby is now an employment opportunity. Today the need for their services transcends the original intent.

Generate Your Own Caricatures

Find out how a caricature generator works. Caricatures are portraits of exaggerated features of a person or a thing. To draw a person’s caricature, you will need to understand the components of a face, and what makes one face noticeably different from another.

Modeling Hands Using Subdivision Or Cage Modeling

For complex organic shapes like hands, cage modeling is a dream come true. However, it is a good idea to strategize a bit before tearing into the process. Begin by taking a sketch or photograph of the desired modeled object and “block it off.” That is, decide where the cage or polygon subdivisions should occur.

Alternate 3D Models Sources

You can purchase models through a variety of venues. They can be sent to you on CD, or can be purchased per piece online. Just do a search on 3D models with your favorite search engine, and a multitude of sites appears. Besides purchasing options, model exchanges exist where folks can contribute the models that they have created and download other models that others have made.

Extrusions Along a 3D Path

The simplest extrusions are extruded along a straight path. The path the extrusion takes is not limited to straight lines. The path could consist of a flower shape extruded along some twisted paths that give a very complex and interesting look and shape.

3D Point Or Vertex-Level Deformation

When I teach 3D classes and show how point-level deformations work, the class enthusiastically responds with a chorus of ooohhs and aaahhs. That is until they actually try to use it; then the ooohhs and aaahhs turn into wails of frustration. Point or vertex-level deformation is theoretically one of the most powerful tools in many 3D applications.

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