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Buying Your First Piece of Expensive Artwork

There are many great reasons to purchase a piece of expensive artwork. However, it is also important to educate yourself on the key aspects of art buying before you make your first purchase. There are few experiences quite as pleasurable as selecting artwork to buy.

Picasso Drawings

Drawing by Picasso is a virtually untitled piece by an artist who achieved great success from his illustration and sketching skills. Indeed, Drawing mentioned here is just one from a considerable selection available from his career which underline his talents which provide inspiration to many budding artists today who are looking to master these basic skills before moving onto the more detailed techniques of paintings and printmaking that generally follow afterwards.

Rooster by Picasso

Rooster by Pablo Picasso is a remarkably simple piece which helps to demonstrate the qualities or genius of this famous Spanish artist. Picasso is well remembered today for Rooster and other similar pencil sketches which show off an imaginatively simple portrait of carefully selected animals which the artist felt he could best portray in this style. Roosters clearly have certain key points that help the viewer of the work to distinguish them from other similar birds and animals.

Learn How To Draw Step By Step – 5 Tips To Help You Succeed

Just imagine being able to have the skills and talent to paint or draw any subject with ease. Even if you have never had any experience with drawing or painting before. You can learn how to draw with step by step instruction, even if you think you have no talent at all. Drawing is a skill that can be learnt and developed with time and lots of practise. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up thinking that its a talent that you have to be born with. There are techniques that you can learn to assist you with developing the skills you need to draw to the best of your ability.

Mediterranean Landscape by Picasso

Mediterranean Landscape is the best example of Picasso’s landscape skills as well as being one of the best known Cubist paintings from an artist who helped to create this art movement in the 20th century. This article discusses the merits of Mediterranean Landscape and comments further on the life and career of Pablo Picasso.

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