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Lessons on Painting – Oil, Acrylic or Watercolor?

Very often when people tun to the internet for phrases like lessons on painting, acrylic painting lessons or learn to paint with oil, they are beginners and have not yet chosen a favorite paint medium. Its a good idea to play with a variety of styles of art to get an understanding of which materials and paint you prefer.

Painting Lessons for Portrait Painting

Painting lessons are necessary for beginning artists if they want to achieve great results with acrylic, watercolor or oil portraits. No matter which medium they choose, beginning painting lessons should be used to achieve results that make the artist happy with their work.

Achieve Better Painting Results With Primer Paint

When you would like to obtain the best results, using primer paints together with industrial paints will be the best thing to do. The primer paints creates water tight seals and leaves a smooth surface that you can admire. Primer paints are made to offer you the necessary protection and also make your surface glossy and shiny. They help in protecting various surfaces from the extreme conditions such as frost or extreme sun which could cause huge amount of damage if not protected.

Artists Supplies – Palettes and Acrylic Paints

Artist supplies in your arts and crafts stores where you will find acrylic paints are labeled ‘student grade’ and artist grade’. Acrylic paints are available in jars, cans or metal and plastic tubes. The ‘student grade’ has less pigment and more filler than the ‘artist grade’.

The Use of Phi in Painting

The use of phi when painting the human form or many natural elements helps the artist to establish the most visually appealing proportions for the contents of the painting. In figurative painting phi is used to create the correct balance between elements of the face, the body and the composition to canvas.

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