Sketchbook Tour No.3 #shorts

Popular Culture Arts – As Interpreted by a Renowned Digital Artist

The phrase “Spinning Pop” generally refers to iconic people, places and events of our day – Popular culture arts which can be recorded visually through daily compilations of manipulated digital images. The resulting images are posted online and disseminated via online media and social networks. The work is diaristic in nature, intended to metaphorically record a spectator’s experience of the contemporary digital age from a popular culture arts perspective.

Adobe After Effects CS5 – Creating Video for the Web and Other Projects

As much fun as we have in After Effects, maybe the most fun is when we finish our composition, create our video and publish it. The web is a likely destination for your video but After Effects is used by an array of artists for an array of applications. There’s a new kid in town too and we will be hearing a lot about ‘cloud computing’ and all its different flavors.

Adobe After Effects CS5 – Let’s Pre-Compose

After Effects has a lot of tools that make your job easier. Taking advantage of the ‘pre-comp option’ is a great time saver, a great management tool.

Wire Art Projects

Wire art projects were first just a part of the experimental, avant-garde movement, where artists of the 20th century contested the main stream art form which had come to a standstill after thousands of years of evolution, refinement and regulations. Until then wires were only part of technical but not decorative elements, and even so, they were always concealed in the interior, under the fabric, considered the bones of the object benevolently covered by skin.

Drawing Cartoons For Beginners – How to Get a Head of Your Comic Book Characters (Pro Tip Revealed)

Measuring “heads” is a way to keep the height of your characters consistent. This is an important principle to use, especially in “group shots” and environments like a city street or hallway. Rather than measuring in feet or inches, or meters and centimeters, you take the rough size of the head and use that to roughly size out the torso, hips, and legs.

How to Draw Like Leonardo Da Vinci – The Heart

It is interesting to see how doctors and scientists the world over are referring to the studies done centuries ago by a non-science person, to unravel the mysteries of modern day. Leonardo DA Vinci’s anatomical study of the human heart is a case in point.

How to Draw Like Leonardo Da Vinci – Inner Organs

Famous Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci embarked upon a completely new genre of artistic endeavors from 1510, when he began creating anatomical drawings. The whole series composed of almost 200 works, extensively dealing with the skeleton, muscle system, and internal organs.

Picking the Right Modeling Clay

A few of you have heard of the term modeling clay. It normally refers to the malleable clay-sculpting products as a group. The term broadly describes the products for sculpting experts, hobbyists, students, kids or even potters. The modeling clays come in a range. Even so, each type of clay you select is easy to shape, and alter using the available modeling devices.

A Few Types of Clay Sculpting Tools You Need

What do you do in your spare time? Many people lack a good hobby that they could turn into business later. A good example of what you can now do to make money later on is making clay sculptures. You do not have to start up big. Simply buy the most basic clay sculpting tools first. Then, you can start practicing with clay. Who knows? Perhaps you do have a good arty side in you.

Adobe After Effects CS5 Animation – Keying the Timeline

The key to animation in After Effects CS5 is keying the timeline or more properly, setting keypoints in the timeline. How do you get started? Using graphic icons, stopwatch, and time indicator on the timeline you will be creating animation on your first outing.

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