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Cinema 4D – Animating Textures

In Cinema4D the world of materials and textures open limitless possibilities for crafting the identifying look of your objects. When you are ready to add even more lifelike appearances, it is also possible to animate your textures. Let’s take a look.

Balloon Clips – Advantages of Using Them

Traditionally, people have been either tying inflated balloons into a knot at the opening or using a string to keep the air in. During ceremonies where balloons are commonly used, this can be wearying.

Potato Eaters by Van Gogh

Potato Eaters is a famous Vincent Van Gogh oil painting which is covered in full in this extensive article which aims to give you all you need to know about the Potato Eaters oil painting, including it’s legacy and also to explain where it fits into Vincent Van Gogh’s life and career. A good question from those who study the works of Vincent Van Gogh and other impressionist and expressionist artists is why is Potato Eaters so famous when it has such drab colours and less than a positive outlook.

Metal Art Can Be Very Expressive

Metal art can be very expressive, whether it is huge sculpture, jewelry, wall art, fine arts or even structural work. Even a fundamental knowledge of metalworking will allow you to begin creating. Here is how to get started as a metal artist.

Thank You Card Notes

When you are looking for a job you need every advantage you can get for your self. One of the ways to make that lasting impression on the person who could very well be your future boss, is to send them thank you card notes. Don’t just send a e-mail thanking them for their time.

Funeral Thank You Notes and Cards

Making your own funeral thank you notes and cards can be a lot of fun. There are a lot of computer programs and templates to assist you today. All you need is a home printer.

Give Your Cards a Personalised Touch

Cards have been present for a long time and have been a part of the usual gift whenever a particular day comes. Why not go and give it more significance by adding a personal touch of your own to the card? Get your greetings one step further. Give personalised cards.

Design and Print Your Own Personalized Calendar

You can personalize a calendar design by either choosing from thousands of templates or by uploading an image that will serve as a background of your calendar’s cover. You may also add a photo of yourself, or the person you’re giving the calendar to.

Church at Auvers by Van Gogh

Church at Auvers is an outstanding oil painting by Dutch master Vincent Van Gogh. It was created towards the end of his life when he went into a highly efficient and creative period as he tried to fight off the problems with his mental illness.

Why Are Graphic Designers Important?

Graphic design is becoming an increasingly important and lucrative field. However, not everyone understands just why graphic designers are so important in our world.

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