Should You Learn to Draw from Books or Videos?

Different Types of Paint Brushes

Painting is one of the most creative jobs. An artist when he puts his thoughts on to the material it is important that they require complete and a good set of tools that his brush, the palette, and many other things.

Different Watercolor Painting Techniques

Have you ever tried to use watercolor paint only to come out with a mess? Find out what you are doing wrong with watercolor paint.

Learn How to Use Acrylic Paint

You can’t go wrong using acrylic paint. Learn the basics of the craft so you can begin painting your masterpieces today!

Andrew Wyeth – Painter of the People

One of the most renowned artists of modern times, Andrew Wyeth continues to hold the American public enthrall with his almost photographic quality paintings. Using watercolors and egg tempera to create masterpieces from the familiar people and landscapes that he grew up around, Wyeth has an unmistakable style that infuses emotion into the mundane. Often using shades of gray and brown, his work combines subdued colors with his mastery of shadows to create incredibly detailed portraits and landscapes.

An Introduction to Watercolor Painting

Watercolor painting is a kind of painting art, which generates artistic representations, normally on piece of paper with the help of pigments that are usually water-soluble. Other kinds of painting make use of oil soluble paints or dry pigment in sticks just like pastels.

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