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The Life of an Artist

Ask twenty people who the greatest artist that ever lived was, and you’re likely to get at least twelve different answers. Everyone has different tastes in art, just like they do in everything else. More likely than not, you’ll hear names like Michelangelo, da Vinci, and van Gogh dropped, because these are the artists that they know of.

Don Quixote by Picasso

Don Quixote is a simple sketch in black and white by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso who is well remembered for producing many similar pencil drawings which have gained many fans in recent years. Picasso is also well known for ceramics and colourful oil paintings too.

Camel by Picasso

Camel is a Pablo Picasso sketch which was classically Picasso, simple genius in demonstration as can also be seen in similar drawings that he produced such as Penguin, Cat, Dog and Rooster. This article uncovers the Camel sketch by Picasso and also comments further on the famous Spanish artist’s life as a whole.

Beat Winter Blue With Colorful Wall Art Painting

Some of you may like winter because of some fun winter sports like ice hockey, skiing, ski boarding, etc. However, there are many who does not like winter at all because the winter winds can chill us to the bone, the mist and cold outside is only cause us tired, sleepy and moody. But there is one tip to brighten up and give more warmth to your room and make you more happy with your long winter days.

How to Paint With Gouache – Tips For The New User

If you’ve ever wondered how to paint with gouache, this brief guide gives you an idea of what you’ve been missing. First off, you should know how to pronounce it. In the United States, it’s pronounced gwash, to rhyme with wash. In the United Kingdom, it’s goo ash. What’s surprising about it is that it isn’t more widely known about and used. Ideal for beginners and professionals, if you want to get great results in your watercolor painting, gouache is an absolute must to try.

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