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On Expressions of Spirit in Art

Those blessed with the ability to draw or paint exude a trait that is unique to their kind, a sense of being at one with the tools of their trade in a way that almost absorbs them into the artist’s own personality. A loving feel for the texture and the consistency of the crayon, a perception of colour and hue that appears so much deeper than that that the rest of us experience as we take them so much for granted.

Learn About Faux Painting

Faux painting can change your house dramatically; it can enhance your home by providing a touch of beauty and value to the house. You can create various illusions and moods using different faux techniques and finishes.

Ideas on Sketching and How Sketches Can Be a Starting Point for a Painting

Do you want to be a better artist? Do you want your work to be more spontaneous? Yes.

Wooden Poya Art in Serre Chevalier

Originally naive depictions of cows going to pasture, wooden poyas are now a popular art form. Serre Chevalier’s artist Penelope has made them one of her trademarks. Speckled, brown or black, they patiently follow one another on the path to the mountain pasture.

How to Understand Paintings of Old Masters

It is a privilege of our times that everyone can easily gain access to the paintings of the old masters and have opportunities to see and study their works through the internet. But looking at paintings is like going on an adventure with many possibilities, including the excitement of sharing the visions of another age.

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