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Femme by Picasso

Femme is one of several famous Pablo Picasso portraits of women, with Femme of course meaning woman in other languages. Picasso like so many other artists found women to offer something different to an artist and he frequently portrayed them in many different styles throughout his career. Femme included is just one example of this and perhaps the best known currently.

Corrida by Picasso

Corrida is a Pablo Picasso painting which is discussed within this article alongside the artist’s career as a whole. Corrida is perhaps in the top twenty or so works by this prolific artist in terms of popularity today as art reproductions for his thousands of adoring fans who continue to be attracted to his career thanks to several qualities he held that mean his reputation remains strong and influential. Corrida helps to demonstrate some of these talents such as his skilled consideration of colour like almost no other artist had managed before or since.

Blue Nude by Picasso

Blue Nude is a charming figurative painting by Pablo Picasso which is currently one of his most popular as a reproduction for his many art fans that exist around the world. Picasso’s work is truly contemporary and imaginative, meaning new fans flock to see some of his original works in person at their various locations around the world. Blue Nude is covered in full within this article and there is further mention of where it fits into the life of artist Picasso.

Determining The Price Of Paintings

In the present financial world, greater numbers of people are searching, looking for another, a more stable method of investing and saving their money. This short article examines the enormous gains that can be made and enjoyed by investing in the art market.

5 Tips to Paint Better With Water Colors

Water colours are the most difficult to paint amongst all the media used for paintings. This is one of the techniques that require special skills to bring out the adequate results. This style of painting though difficult to handle, there are one of the most famous landscapes and portraits that are painted in water colours. Below are a few guidelines to paint better using water colours.

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