Redrawing My First Digital Painting 🌟 2018 vs 2021

Graphite: A Review of This Versatile Drawing Medium

You may remember, back in the day, many of us learned to write cursive with a No. 2 pencil. You may have started with a fat, six-sided pencil because in early elementary school, it was easier for small hands to grasp and control. Today, in many better quality art supply stores, you can find modern versions of those fat, hexagonal pencils made with cores of graphite in various degrees of hardness and softness. Let’s review pencils and the many forms of graphite available to today’s artists.

Charcoal: A Story of Its History and Use by Artists for Over 26,000 Years

A review of charcoal forms for the artist and how it may have come to be a tool for artists some 26,000 years ago. The story begins with a caveman frustrated from an unsuccessful hunt.

Drawing: A Review of How to Begin and How to Get Better

Drawing can be viewed as putting lines, shapes, values, and textures on a surface. Learning to draw as a skill is like learning to write and most of us remember that struggle. This article discusses drawing as both an art form and as a way to learn to see like an artist sees.

Decoding 3D Sublimation

What is 3D Sublimation? If you’ve never heard of 3D Sublimation before, don’t be alarmed.

Professional Designer VS Amateur Designer

With the new technological era, developing and designing may seem like child’s play. The reality however is the same. A professional designer when compared to an amateur especially because of cost effective techniques would always yield ineffective results. Hence the most pragmatic decision for an existing or a startup organization is to hire a professional designer with decades of experience who could not only comprehend the vision of the clients but also steer them towards the goals and mottos of the company.

Need For Children’s Book Illustrations

Natural restlessness often makes it difficult for young readers to settle down with a book for any length of time. However, it is widely accepted that readers usually have more finely-tuned intellectual abilities, stronger emotional makeup and better communication skills than non-readers; readers have greater opportunities to succeed in life. Therefore, given the importance of reading in broadening the horizons of a life, it is imperative to work around any obstacles to a child’s reading.

Why Use Car Wraps Instead Of Paint For Your Car?

This has been the big question of late and many people are still up in the air about which way to go. There are many things to take into consideration when you want to change the look of your vehicle.

Creativity: Types, Qualities And Practical Steps On How To Be Creative

Creativity is the act of using one’s own imagination to come out with new ideas, events or objects. It refers to the bringing of new things into existence. Creativity can also be defined as the process of producing something that is both original and worthwhile. It also involves improvement of already existing ideas or rearranging old things and ideas in new forms.

The Origin, Characteristics and Uses of Roman Lettering

The Roman lettering style was developed from an old inscription found at the foot of a column built by Emperor Trojan in Rome in 113 B.C. A Frenchman called Nicholas Jenson first created the Roman lettering style in the fifteenth century precisely in 1470. Roman letters are also referred to as ‘Classical Roman lettering’ or ‘Quadrata’. The Roman alphabet took at least seven centuries to develop and did not contain the letters, J, U, and W.

The Problems in Screen Printing and Their Remedies

Printing from screens prepared from paper, silk and others are one of the efficient printing techniques in the modern society. However, the printing technique poses some challenges to amateur printers. Thus, solutions to some of these problems in screen printing have been suggested.

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