Realism Drawing CHALLENGE! | Cintiq Pro 16

Can you tell which one is real from the thumbnail?

This was a really fun challenge, and the restrictions made it even more enjoyable haha! Working in full screen is so immersive (I hate all those photosphop distractions) and surprisingly, I didn’t miss the UNDO button at all.

I love the way this turned out 🙂 Also, really glad this was done on the Cintiq Pro because if it was drawn in pencil, the graphite would have been so shiny!

I think this challenge was created by Mark Crilley. You can find some of his challenges below + others:

Playing Card:

Aluminium Foil:

Key (by Baylee Jae):

Pencil Sharpener (by Jazza):


Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 Drawing Tablet:
SmudgeGuard Glove:
Photoshop Brush:


Screw construction – 1:08
Screw shading – 3:04
Quickkkk time lapse – 7:37


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