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Jackson Pollock Prints

Jackson Pollock is a famous American Abstract-expressionist artist who is best known for his oil painting Convergence which is one of the world’s most popular art reproduction print for modern art fans. This article examines the career of Jackson Pollock and covers his finest prints.

Ahmad Khawaja, The Noble Foot Painter

The famous painter, Ahmad Khawaja, was born in 1890, almost perfectly normal except that he has no arms. Nevertheless, his physical condition does not stop him from being a person with positive outlook towards life.

Tree of Life – Klimt

Tree of Life is a famous topic for artists across centuries due to it’s religious connections as well as the natural beauty of the subject, making it ideal for art in it’s own right. The most famous Tree of Life painting was produced by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, and Tree of Life print reproductions of this famous painting are amongst the most popular of any contemporary art. This article uncovers the best known Tree of Life paintings and prints, with an emphasis on Klimt’s masterpiece.

Abstract Art Paintings Are Open To Interpretation

Many painters of realistic artworks are extremely talented. They can capture a moment superbly – whether that is a lush landscape, stormy seascape, authentic looking still-life or a striking likeness of a person in a portrait. On the other hand, an abstract artist produces the painting from within. The artist has some vision that they wish to capture and display for others to see.

Wall Art For Everybody

Whenever you are looking into getting wall art as a gift to somebody you are going to need to keep a few things in mind. So many times people will end up giving wall art as a gift only to disappoint the recipient. There are several things that you can keep in mind that will help to make this something that is not going to happen.

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