Process or Final Result? What is More Important?

Oil Painting Without Brushes

As a known fact a paint brush is the most common mode of application of an oil color. However there are other methods also to apply paint on to a surface.

Painting Vietnam on Canvases

With the twentieth century art also changed a lot. Modernism has a great impact on art. The artist of the century also changes their focus point and mainly their attention fall upon progressive modernism, conservative modernism.

All About the New and Exciting Painters Community

Great art is always considered to be priceless because it conveys the inner thoughts of a painter and the perception of the painters about the various aspects of life which they come across. To bring these beautiful paintings to the world, the painters portray their paintings in exhibitions.

Seven Successful Watercolor Techniques

Water plays a key role in implementing Watercolor Techniques. It changes the absorbency & the shape of paper, when it is wet; and outlines the appearance of the painting when it dries. For exploiting these Watercolor Techniques, one should master the manipulation of the behavior of water, rather than attempting to dominate or control it. The forthcoming discussion employs Seven Successful Watercolor Techniques. Lets take a look.

Frida Kahlo – The Story of an Extraordinarily Courageous Painter

Frida Kahlo wanted to be a doctor; destiny had something else planned for her though. A Polio survivor, at the age of 15, Frida Kahlo joined the Premedical Program at the National Preparatory School in Mexico. As fate had it though, Kahlo met with a tragic bus accident, which ended her three years of training. In this accident, Frida Kahlo was gravely injured and she spent a year on bed recovering from the fractures of her Back, Collarbone& Ribs, Pelvis, and Shoulder & Foot injuries. In addition, an Iron Handrail pierced her Abdomen and Uterus, which seriously damaged Frida’s reproductive ability. Despite the fact that she underwent 30 operations, Frida Kahlo spent the rest of her life in constant physical pain and trauma. At this point of time, her interests actually changed from being a doctor to being a full- fledged painter.

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