Painting Darius with Watercolours + guest @Draw like a Sir

Role of a Comic Book Illustrator

A comic illustrator is the one who is vested with the task of giving face to the favorite comic characters of children so that they are made alive to them. Children are often impatient to read the whole story from a book, but they love to go through the colorful cartoons and comic characters found in the same book.

The Softer Side of Art

The Softer Side of Art is an artist movement that includes delicate lines, movement, form, and design. Some, but not all, gentler art designs may have natural content and may be described as feminine–softer in line and form.

Choosing The Right Canvas Paintings For Your Home Designs

If you have decided on a canvas type of painting, you will have to think about where to purchase your abstract art. A traditional gallery is an excellent place to begin and many will reframed or framed art piece to suit the wall decor of your home. Another option is to consider using an online site to buy a canvas paintings, as it is often not as expensive to send you pieces that have been created on canvas than on other bases such as board or something that is covered with glass.

Buying Art Online

The ability to now buy art online and to buy original art prints this way has made the whole process of enjoying and sampling art much simpler. This now means that it’s possible to own almost any work of art you wish without having to move from your chair and that means many more people can start to take part in the buying and selling of art and of enjoying fine works that they may otherwise have not had access to.

The Importance of Motivational Posters

The motivational poster is intended to make people achieve more than what they think. It is said that visuals or images have a lasting impression on our memory, more than words or scriptures so putting a motivational poster in your office, study or any other work or learning place can do wonders. The positive thinking the picture/poster brings along with it completely phenomenal.

An Interview With Jane Cairns Irvine, the Creative Director of Glassworks by JCI

Q: If we were to meet at a party and I asked you to tell me about your life as an artist and as the owner of your company, Glassworks by JCI – what would you tell me? I’ll hold your beer while you talk. JCI. Being a working artist is a bit of a roller coaster ride. The highs are glorious and the lows are worrisome. I love that I have a certain freedom with my time. As a single mom it is important to me to be there for my 11 year old daughter. The highs consist of seeing a work of art come to fruition from a glimmer of a thought in your head to a finished piece. It is a high like no other. Whenever I complete a new project it is more rewarding than anything I have done in any other job in my past.

Stained Glass Painting And The Major Varieties Of Conventional Stained Glass Paints

One of the topics in Los Angeles Painting lessons is glass painting. It is referred to painting on top of a sheet of glass being included in a stained glass work.

Painting Lessons And The Straightforward Sponge Painting Procedure

In case you have gone to LA Painting Lessons, you might have discovered several new concepts when painting your house. Remember wall space no longer need to be a single common shade anymore.

Cartoon People Drawings – Various Forms to Be Aware Of

Creating cartoon people drawings can be as simple as drawing basic shapes, or as complicated as details down to the exact eyelash count. The base of many comic stories and cartoon shows are human.

Moving On To 3D Animation-Workflow

Most TV programs or movies usually entail a large amount of cuts from one camera angle to another. Rapid and numerous cuts are the norm in our cinematographic experience. Keep this in mind as you animate.

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