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Plein Air Painting Is for Me!

All my life I have studied the sciences and never took one art lesson until five years before I retired. Now, however, I love painting en plein air, traveling and meeting new people.

Eight Interesting Facts About Cafe Terrace At Night

Vincent Van Gogh is remembered till date for being one of the most tragic celebrities in the world art history. Though he was not very famous in his lifetime, he and his paintings got immense fame soon after his death-the time when he was no more to feel his fame! Today, his paintings are on peak demand and are sold on record prices.

An Art Way That Many Will Love

A high collar, neck tie and waistcoat were what this artist drew on to an animal making it seem like it was a person. It is clear to those painting connoisseurs that this is anthropomorphic art.

Salvador Dali’s Elephants

Salvador Dali’s elephants refer to several surrealist depictions that he made of these impressive animals in a selection of some of his most famous paintings. This article uncovers which paintings made use of his symbolic elephants and outlines what is meant by their presence plus the ways in which he stretched their appearances to match his own surrealist style.

Salvador Dali’s Clocks

Salvador Dali added melting clocks to several of his most important paintings and this article discusses the symbolism of the clocks as well as covering the full career highlights of this talented Spanish painter who dominated the 20th century art scene. Melting clocks were used by Salvador Dali within Persistence of Memory and Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory and these are two highly respected painting from his career, serving as great examples of his work within the art movement of surrealism.

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