Painting a shirtless angel – Last stream of 2020 (w/ special guest Drawing Like A Sir)

En Plein Air Defined, An Explanation of Plein Air and Alla Prima Painting

A definition of plein air painting (painting outdoors) and alla prima painting for the oil painter. A brief history, description and how the camera plays into the use of painting realistic and impressionist paintings.

Nude Sketching: A Beginner’s Account

I am a beginner in nude sketching. This is my daunting account of my first experience in this art form.

New Trend for Visual Artists: Digital Image Downloads

Due to the decline of the present economy, today’s artists need to be resourceful in ways to maintain an income from their talents. Like the rest of the United States, they are finding a decline in sales due to the high cost of everything, supplies, printing services and shipping. One way to keep costs down is like always, to cut out the middle man.

A Brief Norman Rockwell Biography

Discover everything about Norman Rockwell in this article which talks about his life, childhood, art work and career. Find out how Rockwell started his painting career and what he has done throughout his career that had made him famous. Discover Rockwell’s famous paintings and how much they are worth.

View on the Grounds of a Villa Near Florence, By Richard Parks Bonington

In the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago stand the painting “View on the Grounds of a Villa near Florence” by the English artist Richard Parks Bonington. The painting is in oil on mill-board and mounted on canvas and painted in 1925.

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