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Free Design Services – An Acceptable Way To Give

A great joy of commanding a high income is the ease with which one can bless others. For those of us on a shoestring budget who do not earn a high salary, it is easy to feel ill equipped for blessing others. However, with creativity and some perspective, this feeling can be given a 180 degree turn. Something as simple as graphic design or web design service is a great way to share with others without going into debt.

Graphic Tips for an Editor’s Digital Portfolio

Now that most people have switched to the cyber highway, emailing a digital portfolio makes perfect sense. Even the print media and art galleries have gone electronic with the changing times.

3D Animation

3D animation is a process of creating moving pictures in a dynamic manner and into a three dimensional environment created within a computer. Incorporated with many unique features to generate virtual reality 3D animation has become a heart of many industries.

Graffiti 101: A Basic Overview

Graffiti is mostly seen as a pastime of misplaced youth and vandals or wrongly associated with violent gangs. But for many others graffiti is a form of art, an expression of creativity and a major inspiration driver in life. While most of the general public goes about their day-to-day life commuting to work in an often dull and meaningless manner, they often miss the beauty of art in the form of graffiti that surrounds them in their urban streets.

Interview With Kasumi: Visual Artist And Guggenheim Fellow

What I try to accomplish is, on one level, to mimic human perception: I try to imagine the complex processes of the human brain, synthesizing different methods of expression into a metaphorical language that not only resembles the stream of messages and subconscious connections making up human perception, but also examines the stream’s causes and effects. I do this by taking apart a subject down to the smallest fragments of ideation and structure – breaking, whittling, melting, chopping… and then gluing these bits of our common culture back together in new formations, using logic and craziness in roughly equal proportions.

Pasadena California: Review of The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens

The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, situated in San Marino, California is a private non-profit institution founded by Henry E. Huntington in 1919. It is the home of a delightful collection of fine art and a rare and extraordinary collection of books and manuscripts. The Botanical Gardens cover one hundred and fifty acres of land with a most breathtaking and scenic environment including the appealing and fragrant Rose Garden, the awesome Japanese Garden and the intriguing Desert Garden.

It’s a Matter of Choice

Celebrating our birthday is one of the most important events in our life, and one of the more expected for events. We start preparing the party long before, inviting our friends, relatives or loved ones to attend, awaiting the gifts and trying to cope with all that tension. The gifts we’re about to receive are the ones that keeps us anxious, and the wished we are being made are the ones that make us feel special and loved.

Stock Footage – Preparing Videos For Online Libraries

These days, film makers use stock footage videos instead of shooting brand new ones to lessen the cost of production. With some experience in videography and the knowledge of technicalities, you can earn plenty by selling your video footage online.

World Events in Tapestries

The media today is packed full of doom and gloom – wars, economy, stock market, tsunamis, earthquakes, hunger, global warming – the list is endless. But how different is it today compared to 700 years ago, 400 years ago or 200 years ago?

After Effects Projects – Flexible Technology

The demand for a high standard of motion graphics is increasing all the time and this high standard is available through the use of Adobe After Effects. After Effects projects give the client a visually effectual presentation that has a professional appearance. It allows individuals to gain from all the enhancements without having to pay for the initial costs of such images.

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