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The Appeal of Lighted Bronze Sculptures

Sculptures have captivated the human eye since antiquity. Though an ancient art form, sculpture continues to fascinate throngs of art lovers today. One of the latest forms to take shape is the lighted bronze sculpture that pairs a finely wrought sculpture with a dazzling light display that can range from subtle to flamboyant.

Can Brand Management Help Artists Be Commercially Successful?

There is a plethora of great talent in the visual arts, but so few are long-term commercial successes. If some consumer brands worked half as hard as some artists, they would be top sellers. So should artists look to some good old fashion branding skills to be more commercially successful?

How Can Literary Authors Help You Make Better Videos?

Film adaptations of books are abound, but what can these same authors teach us about video production? We give you a step by step guide through the video-making process.

Gypsum Gallery: ‘Spectral Days’ Photo Exhibition by Setareh Shahbazi

Breathing life into the suffering arts and culture in Cairo, gallant pioneers continue to open up new gallery spaces in an effort to cater for the endless talent born out of the city. The newly opened Gypsum Gallery takes over a spacious, third floor apartment on Zamalek’s Bahgat Ali Street.

Photo Editing Is More Than An Option Today – Today Photography And Photo Editing Walks Hand-In-Hand

Photography and Photo editing has become closely ensemble with each other and resulting in to a more intensified experience for the viewers. This is the reason why we see more spectacular images in the web than ever before! Here is a brief discussion about the most necessary editing your photo needs.

Burned Wood and Cave Walls: A Guide to Charcoal Drawing Materials and Techniques

From the time that prehistoric man first took burned wood and drew on cave walls, artists have turned to charcoal for its unique feel, versatility, and rich, deep blacks. Few mediums lend themselves to such direct and powerful expression. This is a guide to charcoal materials and techniques along with tips to help you get the most out of this drawing medium.

My Call To Worship Through Christian Banners

This article contains a personal tragedy that brought the author to God’s direction in her life. After the death of her husband, she found peace and inspiration that led her to a home business/ministry that not only brought healing but a means to provide for her four fatherless children.

What Graphic Artists Can Do For Your Business

Design is used in many facets of business, like in logos, display ads, product packaging, staff uniforms, interior and storefront designs, and Web design. These days, good design is not reserved for companies that are able to afford it. It has become imperative – a thing that customers expect even from small businesses and startups.

Benefits of Online Graphic Design Courses

Online graphic design courses have become very popular in the last decade or so. There are plenty of reasons behind that. We will try to explore the various benefits of such courses in the following paragraphs.

Online Graphic Design Courses – An Overview

Online graphic design courses have become quite popular in the last few years. As more and more people are becoming interested in graphic design these days the popularity of the courses has also increased.

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