My first smallest painting || World’s SMALLEST Painting #Shorts

Painting For the Love of Nature

In our busy, workaday world, who does not pause for a moment and yearn for the peace and serenity of Nature? We derive great pleasure from Nature’s ever-changing quality, from our first impressions of the natural world by seeing our mothers cultivate a garden and choose foodstuffs which are in season to our own observations of the growth of a kitten or puppy that someone gives to us.

The Evolution of Face Painting

Almost everyone has tried face painting. But have you ever wondered how it came to be? Read on to find out about its evolution.

Understanding Modern Art – Pablo Picasso and Cubism

Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque are credited with the invention of Cubism. Accounts differ as to whether it originally Braque’s or Picasso’s idea or whether it was a genuinely equal discovery. Possibly the most widely accepted version is that Picasso persuaded Braque to make the move from Fauvism to the new form. There can be no disputing the profound influence of Picasso and of Cubism on the art of the last century and beyond.

Infographic Design – 3 Common Mistakes

Information graphics are widespread in newspapers, presentations and on the Internet. Yet many untrained in this art form are creating infographics that don’t provide anything new or compelling. Here are three common mistakes to avoid.

Drawing Cars in Photoshop Tips

Everyone has one weakness in their art. Some artists can’t draw people, others can’t draw water. I can’t draw cars for example. But I’m determined to find out how to draw cars in Photoshop!

Farm-Fresh Design – Finding Home Interior Design Ideas at the Farmers’ Market

You could buy your groceries in a big, fluorescently-lit, super-air-conditioned grocery store, not knowing where the produce was grown, or how far it had to be trucked and flown in, or when it was plucked from the ground. Or you could buy in an open-air market directly from the farmer who grew the produce, surrounded perhaps by musicians, the smell of fresh tamales cooking, or your neighbors bustling about.

What is it Like Being a Visual Artist For a Living?

I am sure that many people interested in painting and drawing as a hobby will picture the lifestyle of a professional artist through rose-tinted glasses. The point of this article is to provide balance, and highlight a few flip sides to the expected positives.

The Art of Movie Poster Illustration

A movie poster is the first thing that invites a person to take interest in a movie. It is the first step to making someone imagine what the movies is all about.

Why I Detest Fans of Modern Art

I have written a few articles about my dislike of modern art; however, I have come to realise that what I really loathe is the arrogance, evangelism, ignorance and intolerance of devotes of modernism. Now it would be very wrong of me to assume that all fans of modern art are the same, and I make no such claim. What I can say without scope for challenge or contradiction is; all fans of modern art I have personally interacted with have an identical rhetoric in support of their beliefs.

Photos on Canvas – Select the Best Company

The skill of photos on canvas is an old tradition in which pieces of art were created using their images. Today, with advancement of technology and in this digital world everything has become faster and the quality of production has also improved.

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