My First Pen & Ink Sketchbook Tour – Drawings from 2020

Keeping Acrylic Paints Fresh

If you have ever used acrylic paints, you may have wondered about their shelf life. What can you do to make them last longer? You should be able to store your unopened acrylic paints for a few years without experiencing significant changes in their consistency or working qualities.

Watercolor Painting

Watercolor painting is a great hobby for anyone to have. The beautiful pieces you can create, along with the relaxation makes it the ideal hobby. Watercolor painting is the process in which pigments are suspended in a water-soluble vehicle. The typical, and most common, surface to paint with watercolors is paper. There are other surfaces to paint on with watercolor paints. Leather, canvas wood and fabric are other surfaces that have been used over the years…

Swiss Painter and Dadaist Kinetic Artist, a Metamechanics Sculptor – Jean Tinguely (1925-1991)

Jean Tinguely, a painter and a sculptor, was born on May 22, 1925, in Fribourg, Switzerland, to a chocolate packer. The same year, he and his mother moved to Basel, where he completed his schooling. In 1940, Jean took an apprenticeship as a shop-window decorator and enrolled himself in the evening classes at the Kunstschule. His teacher at the art school introduced him to the ‘Dadaist’ collages of Kurt Schwitters, which left a lasting impression on the artist. In 1944, Jean enrolled in the School of Art and Crafts at Basel.

Two Words From a Greek Painter

Yanna Brouzou is a talented Greek painter. She talks about painting, Art and being artists, in this exclusive article. I comment on her words, with my ideas about the left brain and the right brain.

Pick Your Paint Brushes

There are a variety of paint brushes to choose from. You need to keep in mind what you are painting and what is comfortable for you.

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