My first oil painting | full process from priming to varnishing

Caring for Your Textured Pottery

Textured pottery creates a greater challenge when caring and cleaning your collection. Cleaning the pottery takes care to prevent nicks, scratches, and chips which can mar the beauty of the piece. Warm water, gentle detergent, and soft friction can deal with most cleaning but additional safeguards can maintain the original beauty of intricate designs.

Visually Appealing Real Images of Architecture Using 3ds Max Modeling and Rendering

To develop real appealing images of architecture model, there has to be lighting, texturing and an accurate model in the 3ds Max program. The process of making such model is time consuming and also requires lot of expertise.

Why You Should Buy Art From An Online Art Marketplace

Online art marketplaces make it very easy to buy art! One of the ways they do this is by connecting the buyer and the artist and letting them set the terms of the sale. By dealing directly with the artists, prospective buyers can buy art at a price that suits both parties involved, and both can be satisfied knowing that all of the details of the arrangement have been made before any money changes hands. If you want to buy art but do not have a lot of money to spend, why not discuss the price of a piece with the artist? In a traditional brick and mortar gallery setting this would be very difficult, if not impossible, but when dealing directly with the artist online, it is often possible to contact the artist and make an offer. An artist will be much more open to discussing this, as they are avoiding the usual commissions of 50 or 60 per cent they would be paying to a gallery. A word of advice on this topic: never offer less than 75% of the total asking price.

Avoid Making “Mud” While Painting in Artist Oils

One of the most common complaints I hear with regards to color mixing is color mixtures looking muddy. In the color course here at Austin Fine Art Classes, my students all learn how to avoid this common problem by using a formula for color mixing that is based on four questions. The answers to these four questions leads to three actions to take that will consistently and reliably arrive at the desired color.

Banksy Canvas: The Dos And Don’ts

A Banksy canvas is perhaps the most visually impactful style of online canvas printing available. Your photo is superimposed onto a street wall in the style of the revolutionary artist Banksy, giving a very chic and modern result. Here are the DOs and DON’Ts of Banksy canvas printing, so follow these to ensure that your prints are as spectacular as you had always hoped!

What Is a Lithograph and How Lithography Came to Be

The word lithograph comes from the Greek lithos (stone) and graphein (to draw). A lithograph is a print made using the printing technique of lithography, which is a drawing on stone. Lithography uses a flat and heavy limestone polished to a very soft and flat surface to allow for an image or text to be drawn upon it for printing.

The Use of Effective Exhibit Graphics

Do you want an effective way to promote your product? Use the right display graphics! This article supplies more information about the basics of exhibit and museum graphics.

Top Art Schools: Which Should You Choose?

Are you wondering if there are art schools that belong to the top list? When people talk about art, they usually talk about the elite and the prestigious and is only offered to those who have the great desire for art. But the truth is that the top art schools and those that have made it to the art school rankings open their doors to very talented students to prepare them for the creative challenges that may come their way.

Nothing Scary About Photoshop Hair Masking!

The first haircut can be unnerving for the child. And the first hair-masking job can be equally scary for an editor who has just received the first assignment. This is how he can beat the stress and yet have hair on his head!

An Art Buyer’s Guide: Buy Art Online Using These Tips

Congratulations on your decision to buy art online! You are about to join a new group of art buyers and collectors who are making an effort to work alongside artists to revolutionize the way art is bought and sold. Gone are the days when art sales and purchases were almost always brokered by brick and mortar art galleries, because thanks to the power of the internet and its ability to bring people together, selling art online and buying art online is just as easy and safe if you know what to look out for. When you buy art online, there are some risks to consider. As with anything online, the anonymity of the internet attracts some shady characters, and so it is important when you wish to buy art online, to do so only from a reputable established online gallery. Reputations are still powerful things, and you need to verify the identity of the artist / seller and the owner of the online art gallery website, and then you can rest assured that you are about to buy art online that is legitimate.

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