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How to Choose a Wacom Tablet

When it comes to buying a Wacom tablet, there are many different choices. Wacom makes tablets for absolute newbies to seasoned professionals. The choices can be a little daunting at first, but this article will detail the different options available and help you decide which one is right for you. The Wacom Bamboo Fun is the best of all the Bamboo models if you haven’t used a tablet before and want to make a serious jump into the digital design world.

Buying Guide To Display Easels

Display easels are stands commonly used to present items like framed oil paintings and bridal portraits. Standing easels are used in art galleries, homes, as well as in businesses where many times they are used to display huge charts and diagrams. To buy an easel that best suits your needs you need to know some basic information about the many functions, types, and prices of standing easels.

How to Create a Personalized ePostcard

Are you unable to find the correct e-cards/postcards for your loved one? Ready to invest a few minutes of effort? For your special someone, create an exclusive e-postcard without any special graphic designing skills.

Clip Art – Bitmap Based Graphic Images

Clip art is offered in multiple file formats that can be divided and further explained by using two categories: Bitmap and Vector. The purpose of this article is to help explain the differences offered for bitmap clip art images.

The Veterans, the Midcareer and the Neophytes

In every society, there exists psychological lines dividing different social class. While such lines are sometimes created using material possession or wealth of an individual as a yard stick, others are based on one’s level of achievement in a particular career.

What Is Steampunk?

Do you want to learn more about this strange and fascinating world? This article will share the roots of the Steampunk, or Neo-Victorian, Genre as well as providing a list of references so you can fully investigate his bizarre and eccentric genre!

The Sculpture Garden: A Cultural Resource Point in ABU, Zaria

The Sculpture Garden The Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria has been labeled as one of the biggest university south of Sahara. It is one of the earliest universities established in Nigeria which has contributed to educational development of the nation in various fields: Engineering, sciences, arts, etc. One of the factors which make the university so popular is the fact that, it is located in the ancient city of Zaria which historically is considered as one of the powerful kingdoms in Africa once ruled by a woman: Queen Amina.

Information About Graphite Pencils

Recently I’ve been working on a drawing and I wanted more pencils so I can achieve the kind of realism that I want. I got a pack of Kimberly Graphite Pencils from Micheals arts and crafts store. In the package I got 10 different grades of pencils which gives me a good range of light and dark.

Canvas Printing – Digital Printing History

Over the last few years canvas printing has been revolutionised by the introduction of digital online print providers. Things that were not possible in the past are readily available now. Even better, those features or techniques that used to drive up the cost and increase production time have now been dramatically reduced because of improved canvas printing technology.

Photoshop – Selections and Masks

We have been exploring selection and channels, how these Photoshop features add so much to your creative potential. Blending these tools with masks opens up another world all its own. Masks let you combine objects and migrate objects. You friend can be standing in the Himalayas, your product can be sitting on the President’s desk.

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