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Cartoon Drawing – Teach Your Kid How to Create Cartoons

If your kid wants to become a cartoonist in future then it would be a good decision because if you make your kid learn from now on then in future your child will become a professional cartoonist through lot of practice and exercising the skills. So you should encourage your kid when he tries to draw a cartoon, because it really is a fun and rewarding career. Guide your child in drawing simple cartoon characters in the beginning.

Tips For Buying Contemporary Fine Art

The scene of contemporary fine art is a strong, vibrant one, with dynamic fairs in cities all across the world and numerous dazzling exhibitions in famous galleries and museums. Yet if what you really want is actually to find a piece of art that you love enough to buy, it is worth turning to the internet and seeking out the help of one of the many contemporary fine art online stores.

Tips For Buying Art Online

Many people collect artworks as a hobby, and they are often passionate about adding paintings to their precious collections. As well as this emotional connection, and the pleasure it affords, it is worth being aware that it is common for the value of a painting.

Paraskeva Clark Was an Artist, Socialist, Feminist, and Her Own Woman

I generally respect people who demonstrate an independent line of opinion which they don’t mind voicing even though it may have costly repercussions. Paraskeva Clark was such a person and an outstanding Canadian artist who stood by her own convictions and was never frightened of voicing her opinion regardless of the cost.

Why You Should Be Buying Your Art Supplies Online

If you like to paint but you don’t quite have the money to do it all the time, read this article. This advice about online shopping should ensure you don’t spend more than you have to…

Tips For Buying Original Art Online

Nothing can beat the value of an original artistic creation if you’re looking for something to decorate the walls of your home. This is the reason why so many people prefer to spend what might be a little more in order to buy original art.

Illustration: How to Publish It

If you have good illustrations to be published, you have to keep patience and make yourself aware of different factors that are important to be followed before publishing an illustration. You may be excited to begin your cherished career of becoming a successful illustrator.

Expressionism: An Art and Cultural Movement

Expressionism wasn’t just an art movement; it was cultural movement that had its origins in painting and poetry in Imperial Germany right before World War I (where it was very much considered avant-garde). However, during 1920s Berlin it became fully appreciated by the masses. Expressionist art carried the dogma of expressing an emotional experience for its artists, and the movement covered most artistic forms, such as theatre, dance, literature, film, music, painting and architecture. This is one of the reasons why Expressionist Art is popular at art schools, because of the flexible nature of the movement and the various cultural elements it embraces.

Possible Subjects For Painting Or Drawing When You’re Blocked For Ideas

Sometimes, you might feel like painting the afternoon away, but it can be hard when you’re short of ideas. Check out this article to help get your ideas flowing so you can create your next masterpiece.

How To Draw A Car – Two Practical Tips For Better Car Drawing

So what is it that’s so difficult and how might you learn to draw a car properly and make it look real? I’ll be providing you with some tips I’ve learned that it’s possible to apply to your drawings and hopefully create a car that looks like it’ll drive right off your paper! Most car drawings that I’ve seen show me that folks lack a number of key things when planning to draw a car. One example is patience. It is usually obvious when someone only has spent around 30 minutes on a drawing that they have attempted to make up on their own.

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