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Constable’s Haywain

Haywain by John Constable is one of the most important landscape oil paintings in history and marks the pinnacle of the career of this famous British artist who left a great legacy within British art. John Constable helped turn landscape painting into a respected art form when previously it had been derided by academics who preferred portraits and religious depictions that have now become to appear dated in the modern day.

Appreciating Emerging Talent in Art!

There are no accidents in art but one can accidentally chance upon things interesting. Curated by Shaheen Merali, a London based writer and art curator, When The Moon Is Lying The Sea Weeps And Dark Safaris Destroy The Destroyed might not be the most intriguing art exhibition you’d come across in recent times but it’s surely the one with the longest name.

Jasper Johns’ Flags

Jasper Johns’ Flags is a series of popular paintings by a respected American contemporary artist. The flag series included American Flag and White Flag and these are now amongst the artist’s best loved paintings. This article discusses these works plus the career of Jasper Johns in general.

Painting 101: Where To Get Helpful Painting Tips And Techniques

From the onset, painting could be such a hard craft to master, let alone, learn. But it would not be that hard if the right painting techniques are applied and painting tips remembered. So there’s no reason for anyone, even the worst painter in the world, to shy away from this very relaxing and reproductive activity. For people who want to learn how to paint, just for fun or to make something out of it, they could get tips and learn some of the techniques from different painting manuals available online. An example of a good painting manual is Learn and Master Painting by Gayle Levee.

Art in Canada

In the 1600s French settlers in Canada either imported religious paintings or commissioned stock subjects to adorn their new churches. Only Samuel de Champlain, the “Father of New France”, stands out for his sketches of the Huron tribe. After the English conquest in the 1760s, art moved from religion to matters of politics, the land, and the people. Army officers, such as Thomas Davies (1737-1812), painted fine detailed works, conveying their love of the landscape.

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