lazy in drawing | inktober 2019 day 4

hey everyone! In this video I will talk about a common mood many artists feel which is laziness in drawing. I talk about my experience with it and how I tackle it.

I realised quite late that the second part of the video lags, and I apologise for that! I should’ve checked the video quality once it was uploaded and live on YouTube, but I didn’t. 😓
Rest assured that my future videos will be better quality tho!

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– Ivory Cardstock
– Faber-Castell 4H pencil
– Monggol 2 pencil
– Daiso Sumi Ink
– Lyra Rembrandt-Polycolor colour pencils

– – – time taken – – –

approx. 30 mins

– – – music – – –

“fast walk” garageband

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