Khaleesi Game of Thrones Speed Drawing

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The mother of dragons. Game of Thrones has such a unique variety of characters and settings. I love all of Khaleesi’s scenes. They take place in very unique and magical lands. Qarth has been my favorite so far!

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Khaleesi Game of Thrones Speed Drawing

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In recent years there’s definitely been an increasing interest in the late periods of artists’ work, that were sometimes previously neglected and thought to be controversial. Just this year in London for example we have exhibitions on late Matisse, late Rembrandt and late Turner. These modern re-evaluations are probably as much about the artworks themselves as they are about our changing attitudes to the old and also to ageing.

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Chinese paintings, despite being as artistic as western paintings, have a unique character of their own. Usual Chinese painting rarely follows the principles of realistic portrayal or focus on the fundamental perception. This allows the painter the freedom of artistic perception, and allows him to adopt a way of expression that expresses his personal feeling in a better manner.

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