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Oil Painting for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide

Oil painting, like any other fine art, provides much pleasure and is spiritually elevating. Although it is made out to be complicated and suited to only the “artistic”, any person who wishes to pick up this as a hobby or full time occupation, can do so with a little patience and practice. Oil painting, as opposed to water colour, is an expensive hobby, and hence the materials need to be used with caution. Carelessness or lack of interest midway in your project may prove a costly mistake. One can access books or the internet in case there is no direct teacher available. My article will help all those first timers who are toying with the idea of starting a canvas, but are doubtful about how to go about it.

Cleaning Tips For An Abstract Canvas

It doesn’t matter if your abstract canvas is expensive or not, you should still take care of your painting properly. You bought your artwork because the image on the canvas meant something to you or you connected with the artwork somehow. You can continue to enjoy viewing your canvas wall art for a long time if you take care of it well and clean it every so often.

What to Consider When Buying Fabric Paint

Fabric or textile paint is becoming more widely used as more people become interested in customisation and personalisation of items. These kinds of paints are also becoming more popular given our current economic times; people are seeking other ways to turn something old into something fresh and new.

Mervyn Peake Centenary

The 2011 centenary of Mervyn Peake’s birth has sparked a well deserved resurgence of interest in the life and works of this highly talented artist, writer and illustrator. Although best known for the Gormenghast trilogy, Peake’s varied talent as a painter, writer of children’s books, nonsense verse, and work as a war artist, poet, and illustrator are finally being recognised.

The Paint Is Cracking on My Painting!

What causes the paint to crack on oil paintings and should you worry about it. Do the cracks change the value.

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