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Choosing Art Portraits for Your Home

Great looking home decoration is on the top of many minds today. We all want creative furnishings, great wall colour and also good pieces for display. This article is designed to help you accentuate the look of your home with interesting home decoration ideas and tips.

Top 25 Comic Book Superheroes

As the superhero film genre becomes more popular the general public should become more familiar with the comic book characters that spawned this new genre of films. This is a list to provide a starting point for new readers.

How to Make a Poster When Promoting a Music Gig

A step by step procedure illustrating the method on how to make a poster for a music gig promotion. Use of free graphic software is introduced to help an aspiring musician create a visually eye catching band poster. The software that is introduced is Inkscape and Gimp, and are free to download from the internet.

The Golden Age of Chinese Art

This article will discuss the Gold Age of Chinese art for America and the international community. It will describe how Chinese artworks rose to importance as “art” in the difficult period of the 1930s. It will relate the boom of interest in America to the rise of activity in antiques back in China.

Reasons To Use Fine Art Oil Painting In Your Home

Decorating your home can be a wonderful thing to do. The problem that some people can run into is not knowing what kind of decoration they should be using in the home.

Where To Buy Cheap Oil Painting Art?

Oil painting art is never cheap as painters spend a lot of time and effort on each piece to get the color, texture and concept of their artwork just right. For art lovers, however, buying every piece that strikes their eye is not possible.

HP Iron on Transfer Paper for Dark T-Shirts

Iron on transfers is trending nowadays. This fact doesn’t seem surprising at all because of the real wonders that iron on transfers do. Indeed, it enables us to make a wide assortment of designs with shirts, be it plain, white, bright colored or dark colored. Doing this require familiarization of the basic steps. The very first step is to find and buy a transfer machine and secure all other materials to be used for the transfer. In this article, we will do a review of the HP iron on transfer paper.

Artists Gain Traffic With Articles and Links to Website Exhibition and Selling of Art

Artists benefit greatly from articles and interviews that announce the value of their work, explain the artist’s original style, give reasons that the art is worth seeing and buying. Getting the artist’s name out into the public is only one value of these articles. The other main value is providing the links in the article directly to the artist’s website.

Slide, Negative, Photo Scanning: Properly Clean Your Originals So You Don’t Destroy Your Only Copy

If you get a negative or slide wet, you’ll smear the “emulsion”. Basically, you’ll destroy your only original. Learn how to properly clean your slides, negatives, and photos. And this simple step also helps remove most of the dust and debris, giving you a better looking digital image.

How To Hire A Scanning Company You Can Trust With Your Only Copy Of Slides, Negatives, And Photos

Anybody can buy a scanner, press a few buttons, and offer scanning services. But how can you trust them with your family’s only copy of photos, slides, and negatives? Here’s three tips on how to hire a scanning company you can trust.

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