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2D to 3D Conversion for Lenticular Printing

Traditionally, making a 3D lenticular print requires taking multiple pictures of the same scene along a straight line. The pictures are then interlaced together to create a lenticular print. However, obtaining the source images this way requires very careful planning ahead of time and it is not always feasible due to various environmental limitations and constraints. Hence, converting a 2D picture into a 3D image easily has been the interest of the lenticular printing industry for years.

Bauhaus’ Adventure

Bauhaus was an important artistic movement, influencing greatly the mainstream philosophy on housing for a long period of time. Originating in Germany, the brutality of the WWII forced many of the members of the school to flee Europe, marking the history of architecture of the United States or the state of Israel.

Knowing The Fundamentals Of Painting Classes

Los Angeles painting classes are great for people who genuinely wish to develop their painting skills. These kinds of classes provide different kinds and forms of painting like oil painting, watercolor painting as well as abstract painting.

Mixed Media Artists Who Created Intelligent And Stimulating Items

Art is full of different masterpieces, from paintings to sculptures, movies to photographic pieces. As often, you’ll find pieces that represent many types of art.

What Is a Mixed Media Artwork?

Mixed media, in visual art, refers to an artwork in the making in which more than one medium has been employed. There is an essential distinction between “mixed-media” artworks and “multimedia art”.

Jack Vettriano – Artist Review

Vettriano prints are now highly popular in the UK and throughout the world. Early Artwork Jack Vettriano was born in Fife, Scotland in 1951, as Jack Hogan, and left school at a young age to be a mining engineer.

The Sex And Violence in the Paintings of Ronald Ophuis

“In all of us, even in good men, there is a lawless wild-beast nature, which peers out in sleep”. This quotation by the Greek philosopher Socrates especially applies to the work of the Dutch painter Ronald Ophuis (1968, The Netherlands, Hengelo). His large canvases (sometimes even up to 100 x 210 inches) portray disturbing images of sex and violence in a gloomy scenery that makes a penetrating and lasting impression on the viewer.

Classical Painting Techniques in Renaissance Art

True linear perspective has been formalized later, by Filippo Brunelleschi Leon Battista Alberti. In addition to giving an even more realistic presentation of artwork, it moved Renaissance painters into composing a lot more paintings. Before the Renaissance, a clearly modern eye basis of point of view was given inside 1021, when Alhazen (al-Hasan Ibn al-Haytham, deb. ca. 1041 CE), a great Iraqi physicist and math wizard, in his Publication of Optics (Kitab al-manazir; known in Latin as De aspectibus or Perspectiva), discussed that light projects conically into the eye.

3 Tips To Remember When Dealing With Graphic Designers

Only large companies and corporations will employ graphic designers. Everyone else in need of eye-catching advertising material, an amazing website, or an exclusive logo design, will have to visit a graphic design studio. A business logo design has to be attractive and unique. While you may have some ideas, only an experienced graphic designer can tell you how valuable your sketches really are. If they are any good, he can also find ways to turn them into a winning creation. Communication and cooperation are necessary to book success, regardless if you are working closely together with a graphic design firm, or any other commercial partner.

Heat Forming of Steel Rings for Sculpture and Metal Art

I will be talking mainly about a very basic blacksmithing skill. It is based on using an oxyacetylene torch to heat a steel rod that is inserted into a hole drilled into a steel tube. With heavy duty gloves, you slowly heat the rod while wrapping it around a steel tube 2 to 4 times.

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