Importance of Observation for Drawing & Painting

How To Watercolor

Let me start by telling you that painting with watercolors is more difficult any other painting techniques. Knowing this should not keep you from trying to master the watercolor technique because watercolor paintings are also the most beautiful paintings around. Just go for it and let your imagination and creativity lead you.

Buying Watercolor Paint Supplies

If you are an artist of any kind, watercolor painting, oil painting or what ever artist you will want your workplace or studio filled with all the art supplies that you need so when ever an artistic idea pops up you can put it to work right away without having to run out of any art supplies. Most probably you do all your shopping at your local watercolour art supply store where everything you need is available. And if they run out of anything they will order it for you.

Watercolor Brushes and Watercolor Supplies Are An Investment

Brushes are the most important tools for a great watercolor painting. Having said this buying those watercolor brushes is not something to decide on lightly, but a decision that should be made carefully and well thought of. Now for most artists a brush is personal they have a particular touch and feel with a brush.

Watercolor Painting Tips and Techniques

Watercolor can add a lot of life to your work of art. With some helpful tips you can master and perfect the art of watercolor painting. Transparency is the most promising and the most attractive characteristic of watercolor. The watercolor feels like a sparkle of light which the color of the paper shines through the paint. The watercolor seems to blend with the color of the paper and it creates an illusion of transparency.

Acrylic Paint – Why It’s So Great for Signs

A brief look at why acrylic paint is so good for sign painting and outdoor artwork. See why it is now chosen over oil paint.

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