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Vermeer Prints

Vermeer prints are covered in full within this article, where the career of famous Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer is also discussed in full. The most popular print reproduction from original Vermeer paintings is currently The Girl With a Pearl Earring around which much has been made in the media. It is often media attention which drives popularity for one painting over another rather than the quality, but in this case The Girl with a Pearl Earring is an undeniably skilled masterpiece within Dutch art that is equally loved by academics.

All About Contemporary Paintings

There are many kinds of paintings – and contemporary paintings are merely one of those. These are artworks produced following the Second World War unto to the present. These are also known as Modern Paintings due to the fact the more recent ones signify style and modern art.

How To Understand And Shop For Contemporary Paintings

When it comes to looking at contemporary paintings with the intent of buying, many who do not understand abstract art might just think the most expensive paintings, and the artworks created by well known artists, are the best. Prints and originals can create a life of their own and help a room come alive. Take a look around. Modern art is everywhere, in offices, houses, and businesses. Many people do not give them a second glance, but when that special piece really strikes you, it can be a life changing experience.

Alfons Mucha Posters

Original Alfons Mucha posters, prints, paintings and illustrations are a well covered topic in any art history course thanks to the great success and influence of the career of Alfons Mucha. This article discusses why posters are the best form of reproduction for the works of this artist and outlines some of the best works to choose from the long list that he produced. The current list of available mediums with which to buy reproductions of original Mucha artwork is extraordinary, covering anything from art prints, framed or unframed, posters, stretched canvases and tapestries.

Mucha Gallery

Mucha galleries exist within the USA and Czech Republic, but what can one do if these two locations are to far away? This article uncovers the two Mucha galleries of the world, plus underlines how best to enjoy his work if you cannot get to see the originals in person. Czech-born Mucha, as it is now known, hosts a proud collection of the best works from the artist’s career, demonstrating his reputation as the finest artist to have come from this part of the world.

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