I made a sketchbook and pens!! 🌷 Archer & Olive Bundle Launch

Minimalism Redux

I recently attended a DITA Rockstars webinar sponsored by easyDITA. The guest speaker was JoAnn T.

Graphic Designing – What Lies Ahead For The Designer’s Post 2013?

With businesses getting more global and Internet-friendly, website logos and designs need a lot of attention. If the visitors are not impressed by your website, chances of success and profit will be low. Only a good website graphics designer can take your business to its zenith.

In Appreciation of the Pencil Drawing

An artist using a pencil learns to hear what language the pencil voices the moment the fingertips touch the pencil. What weight does this remarkable little tool carry? The artist then consciously records this into his creation algorithm; next the fingers wrap around and take their hold, another milestone. This point of connection is one of the pivotal points of the drawing about to unfold. Feeling how the pencil feels in the fingers, an understanding of how this pencil dances emerges. The language is now understood.

Creating a Photorealistic Vue Render

E-On Software’s Vue is the pinnacle of achievement in producing believable, realistic 3D Environments for film, TV and Art. One of the keys to creating a believable Vue render is the lighting and atmosphere. I generally use the Vue lighting setting of “GR” or Global Radiosity in my Vue renders as this does lend to more realistic Vue renders, a good realistic Vue Atmosphere is truly the key to the most photorealistic render. This creates the correct light color bounce from various objects in the scene, which can be tweaked and adjusted using the various settings within the Vue Atmosphere Editor. If you are using one of my Vue atmospheres, they come optimally set to give you the utmost realism in your renders, if you change these settings be careful not to save the atmosphere back over the original file.

How to Come Up With a New Hip Clothing Design

Are you an upcoming fashion designer that is trying to make your own clothing? Do you want to know how to make your clothing be a hit seller in today’s society? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you have chosen the right article to read. There are three things that are needed when coming up with a great new hip clothing line. First, you need a hot new design or name for your clothing line that will catch the always changing fashion world’s eye and make them want to buy your clothing. Second, you need to do lots of research on what style’s in today’s fashion environment are most popular and have the highest ratings of sales. Third, you need to create a hip new way of marketing your products whether it’s using social media pages, parties promoting your clothing, etc.

When to Apply Decals to Tinted Windows and How to Remove Stickers From Laptops and Metal Buckets

Question: Is it OK to put a sticker or decal on my rear car window before having the windows tinted. Answer: It depends on which side you put the sticker on. Because window tinting is done on the inside of the glass, it would be a poor choice to put a sticker on the inside of the glass before the tinting is done. The person or company applying the window tinting will let you know how many days the tinting should be on the window before applying the sticker to the window.

How to Draw Photorealistic Hair – The Right Tools Are a Must Here!

So you want to learn to draw, but so far all your pictures have just turned out terribly…If you really are just beginning, I have no doubt you’re just “trying it out” and using whatever pencils and tools you find lying around.

How to Draw Photorealistic Hair – Blending and Shading Using the Right Tools!

If you’ve tried drawing photorealistic hair before, you’ve probably usually ended up with a terrible flat mess of hair that…

The Ageless Banner

In ancient times the cloth like banner hung from wooden poles to deliver specific messages. Churches announced the saints that they were named for, the royal and family crests were depicted in bright and bold colors and the king or government officials used banners to announce formal bans or decrees. In the here and now, banners are still used to bring communique.

Step By Step, How to Draw Faces – Inverting Should Be the First Thing Beginners Do!

Inverting your pictures is one of the most important tricks you must use if you want to learn step by step how to draw faces to impress yourself and your friends! Read on here to find out all you need to know about it.

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